Deep Ocean Laser Diffraction Particle Size Analyzer

The LISST-Deep instrument obtains in-situ measurements of particle size distribution, optical transmission, and the optical volume scattering function (VSF) at depths down to 3,000 meters.


The LISST-Deep extends operating depth range beyond the LISST-100X or LISST-200X instruments allowing measurements of particle size to be made with at 1 hz with minimal disturbance to the particles.


– 3000 meter depth rating
– Small angle forward scattering laser diffraction technology
– Self contained with internal datalogger
– Externally powered
– RS232 connection to PC for programming, offloading and real-time size distribution displays
– Programmable, autonomous data collection
– Integrated depth and temperature sensor
– 32 size classes
– Optional external battery pack, rated to 3000 m depth
– Optional 80% path reduction module for higher concentrations
– Sea-Bird cable for powering from Sea-Bird CTD



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