Linear Air Track (2.0m) Kit

An air track is a perforated rail which is connected to an air blower. Compressed air is sprayed from the holes and forms a thin layer on the surface of the track. This layer fills the space between the air track and the inner surface of a glider. As a result, the movement of the glider can be regarded as almost friction-free. This apparatus can be used to experimentally study important concepts in kinematics such as velocity, acceleration, momentum, collisions, and kinetic energy. It is an ideal teaching aid for physics.

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The IEC ‘Linear Air Track’ facilitates the study of mechanics, both quantitatively and qualitatively, by providing an almost friction free system on which a large range of experiments may be performed. A long straight 90o triangular shaped tube is mounted on three adjustable feet so that the tube can be made level. The sloping sides of this tube have small holes drilled and air is pumped into the tube from an air blower. Air passes out the small holes in the sloping sides.

Anodised aluminium ‘Gliders’ with a 90° internal angle are placed on the air tube and they float on the air passing from the holes. They slide back and forth on the tube with almost zero friction. Spring bumpers are fitted to the ends of the gliders so that when they collide they rebound with almost zero lost energy. Various weights and attachments can be fitted to the gliders for performing various experiments. The motion of the gliders is measured and studied to understand the fundamental principles of motion, mass and direction.

The Air Source to run the IEC Air Tracks LB0115-002 is very compact, easy to use, it has a variable speed and is very quiet in operation. It is complete with an outer shroud of styrene foam to reduce noise to a minimum but it can be used with or without this shroud.


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