LDI: ROW Oil Series – Remote Optical Watcher

ROW is the most advanced autonomous, non-contact oil sheen detection sensor.  It pulses a UV beam at the surface, water or soil, and excites any oil molecules in the target area.  Advanced software algorithms are calibrated to detect oil sheen down to single micrometer thickness remotely from up to 25 meters distance in 1 second.  Using oils native fluorescence, ROW identifies the oil presence and alerts the site operator immediately, even from the most remote locations.

LDI is an ISO-9001 certified company whose sole focus is on hydrocarbon detection and analysis since 1991.  After 25+ years of developing remote-sensing systems they’ve mastered the technology better than anyone else.  A minute could mean the difference between a simple scoop-up job and an ecological disaster.  ROW detects oil spills instantly and more reliably than any manual system ever could.

ROW is designed to run autonomously in the toughest of environments.  All the devices are pressurized with Argon gas and hermetically sealed.  ROW devices have EPA certification as well as IP68 certification which is the highest standard, and the Ex-d enclosure has ATEX Zone-1 certification.  ROW has the highest and lowest operating temperature values in the market, with the most optimal weight and detection (installation above the surface) distance.  They use the best LED technology there is, for the most accurate and sensitive detection with the lowest ratio of false alarms compared to Xenon and other systems.  ROW can be installed in most remote locations and can be interfaced with the existing systems and configured to send remote alarms using telemetry devices.  ROW networks can be deployed to monitor every critical point across multiple sites to provide a full overview of the facilities in real-time.

In the short term, probes seem to be a slightly cheaper solution but in the mid-long run, ROW is matchless.  ROW is optical and non-contact, alarms immediately, online, and it can operate 24/7 for many years with no human interference.  After ~5 years LDI change the LED with a fraction of the initial cost and refurbish the device up to the current technology.  Clients receive an almost brand new device every ~5 years.

ROW and Fluo-Imager devices are used commonly in:

  • – Oil and Petrochemical industry,
  • – Water Quality and Treatment, Environmental Monitoring, Public water reserves monitoring, lakes, rivers,
  • – Offshore oil platforms, buoys, ship-to-ship oil transfers, fish farms, aquariums, buoys, isolated locations,
  • – Metal and heavy metal factories, food-beverage-diary factories, laboratories,
  • – Ports, airports, beaches, storm-rain water collectors
  • – Thermal-Nuclear-Hydro Electric and Power plants
  • – and more
ModelsO-2311A (Aluminum)
O-2311S (Stainless Steel)
O-2301B (ATEX EXD)
Sensitivity> 1 μm (micron) oil film
Rangeup to 10 m above surface; ROW ATEX EXD only 8 m
Operation Temperature-30ºC to +60ºC [-22ºF to 140ºF]
EnclosuresIP68, pressurised (Ar) hermetically sealed, weather proof
Aluminum – Anodised, powder painted
Stainless Steel – Electropolished 316L
ATEX EXD – 316L ATEX/IECEx Flameproof Enclosure, Zone 1
II 2 G Ex d IIB, Class 1, Division 1 Groups CD from Bartec
DimensionsAluminum – 659 x 83 x 80 mm [25.9 x 3.3 x 3.1 in] Stainless Steel – 686 x 139 x 139 mm [27 x 5.5 x 5.5 in] ATEX EXD – 669.5 x 142.5 x 132 mm [26.4 x 5.6 5.2 in]
WeightAluminum – 1.7 kg [3.7 lbs] Stainless Steel – 6.9 kg [15.2 lbs] ATEX EXD – 12 kg [26.5 lbs]
Power Options 12 VDC (10V – 30V) as standard
other options: 110/220 VAC 60/50 Hz
AC/DC adapter, solar/battery options available
Power Usage < 2 Watt (DC)
Light SourcePulsed UV LED
LED Lifetime 5 years typical, thereafter, LED replacement
OutputsRelay contacts, RS-485, 4-20 mA (as standard)
Telemetry Options RS-232
Audio alarm
Wireless Radio Link
(Custom Solutions: Optional adapters available, contact us for additional information)
User InterfaceROW Configurator for setup and adjustment
ROW Manager for network visualization
CertificationsEN 61000-6-2, 61000-6-3, EN 61326-1, 61000-4-2,
61000-4-5, 61000-4-6, 61000-4-8, EN 61010-1
US EPA: (EPA/530/UST-90/009)
IP68: EN 60529
EN/IEC: 60079-0, 60079-1
Warranty2-years factory warranty as standard, supported worldwide
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