LDI: ROW Algae Series – Remote Optical Watcher

Early warning system for harmful algal blooms by determination of cholophyll-a concentration changes.

Algal blooms tend to form in presence of ideal condition of temperature, nutrients and light. Algal blooms become harmful when colonies of algae—simple plants that live in the sea and freshwater—grow out of control while producing toxic or negative effects on people, fish, shellfish, marine mammals, and birds.

The human illnesses caused by harmful algal blooms, though rare, can be debilitating or even fatal.

Harmful algal blooms’ occurrence are on the rise and are becoming a major environmental concern in many states, not only because they affect the health of people and marine ecosystems, but also the prosperity of local economies.

In consequence, governments and environmental authorities request effective algal bloom monitoring tools.

Chlorophyll-a concentration is the most commonly used parameter for measuring algal concentration or biomass, and assessing the occurrence of algal blooms.

All photosynthetic organisms contain chlorophyll. Among all forms of chlorophyll, only chlorophyll-a is common to all algae.

A few micrograms of chlorophyll-a per litre are considered to be normal. Concentrations beyond 10 or 20 μg/L are evaluated as algal bloom.


• Fast and convenient in-situ monitoring
• No sampling or preparation required
• Non-contact technique for maintenance-free operations
• Fewer false alarms through advanced algorithms
• Detection capability 1 μg/L of chlorophyll-a in vivo

Applications include: 

• Water intakes and marine waterways
• Water reservoirs and drinking water sources
• Management of dams
• Beaches, bathing and water leisure areas
• Fishing areas
• Water quality research
• Fauna and wildlife
• Human health

ModelsALGAE ROW A-2300A
Sensitivity> 2 μg/L chlorophyll-a in vivo
Rangefrom 0.3 m to 2 m above water surface
Operation Temperature– 25oC to 60oC [-13oF to 140oF]
EnclosuresIP68, pressurised (1.3atm, Ar) hermetically sealed,
weather proof, powder painted,
anodised aluminum
Dimensions609 x 133.5 x 133.5 mm [23.9 x 5.2 x 5.2 in]
Weight3 kg [6.61 lbs]
Power Options 12 VDC (10V – 30V) as standard
other options: 110/220 VAC 60/50 Hz
Power Usage < 2 Watt (DC)
Light SourcePulsed UV LED
Outputrelay, RS-485, 4-20 mA
External Communications Options ethernet/LAN
User InterfaceROW Configurator for setup and adjustment ROW Mana-
ger for network visualization
CertificationsCE : EN 61000-6-2, 61000-6-3 EN 61326-1, 61000-
4-2, 61000-4-5,61000-4-6, 61000-4-8, EN 61010-1
IP68: EN 60529
Warranty2-years factory warranty as standard, supported worldwide
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