Laboratory Bossheads

Laboratory Retort Stand Bossheads in a variety of materials, sizes and styles.

Laboratory Bossheads for Retort Stands

A must have for every laboratory and classroom, retort stand bossheads are available in a range of materials, styles and sizes.

Premium or economy type bossheads are available in cast iron, nickel alloy, nickel plated brass, zinc and more. Light and heavy duty styles are available with or without swivel.

The wide range of bossheads we are able to supply means no matter what rod size you’re looking to secure, we’ll be able to find you a solution.

Bulk discounts for classroom or laboratory fit-outs are available upon request. Please get in touch for a quotation.

A range of essential stands, clamps, bossheads, fittings and more…

Retort Stands,
Retort Rings,
Burette Holders,
Tubing compressors,
Beaker holders,
and more

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