Joules Calorimeter Cups and Inserts

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Calorimeter cups and calorimeter inserts are available separately or as complete sets. Please get in touch for more information on sizing, price and availability.

The IEC Joule’s Calorimeter insert may be fitted to any standard 50mm diam x 75mm deep copper calorimeter cup. It is used for heating liquids (usually water) to determine the electrical
equivalent of heat required to raise the temperature of a given weight of water a given number of degrees. The unit consists of an insulated top plate, two 4mm diameter socket head terminals, a small heating element of approximately 2 ohm resistance and a plastic stirrer which is captive on the heater support pins.

Heater element: 2 ohm approx. 2 to 12 V.DC. operation (with element immersed).

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