In-Situ Aqua TROLL 500 Multiparameter Sonde

Whether you’re spot checking a tank or conducting long-term monitoring at remote sites, the Aqua TROLL 500 has you covered. This cost-effective multiprobe enables wireless data collection when used as a handheld, plus easy integration with control systems and telemetry for long-term installation.

With interchangeable sensors, the Aqua TROLL 500 replaces multiple instruments and saves time in the field to reduce overall monitoring costs. Highly stable sensors need minimal maintenance and calibration, giving you confidence in your data. Just plug the sonde into a Wireless TROLL Com, datalogger, control system or telemetry and you’re ready to go!

The Aqua TROLL 500 fits a wide variety of applications, including:

  • – Surface water spot sampling and profiling
  • – Remote monitoring via telemetry
  • – Long-term drinking water, wastewater or stormwater monitoring
  • – Aquaculture
  • – Low-flow groundwater sampling and remediation


– Base sensor configuration includes optical RDO (EPA-approved RDO technology), pH/ORP, turbidity, conductivity, temperature, and pressure, Salinity, resistivity, Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) and Density

Long-term pH stability: the Aqua TROLL 500 pH change is 0.0008 pH/day, or a change of 0.1 pH in 125 days.

– Ammonium, Chloride, and Nitrate Ion-Selective Electrode (ISE) available

– Rhodamine WT, Chlorophyll a, and Blue Green Algae – Phycocyanin (BGA-PC) and Phycoerythrin (BGA-PE) – sensors available.

– Interchangeable sensors, wet-mateable

– Sub 2” antifouling wiper cleans all sensors for higher quality data in long-term deployments

– Wireless Mobile Bluetooth® connection for iOS / Android (VuSitu app), and Win-Situ 5 for PC laptop

– Site tagging and GPS coordinates functions available via mobile app

– LCD display gives a snapshot of instruments health and wireless connectivity

– Wide sensor range for performance in a variety of applications

– Automatic environmental compensation eliminates data post-processing

– Easy integration with PLC/SCADA control systems, data loggers, and telemetry—no adapters or confusing proprietary communication protocols

– Redesigned pH and ISE reference for 3X sensor stability

– Corrosion-resistant housing and abrasion-resistant RDO sensor

– Compatible with Low-Flow system (sold separately)


– Reduces monitoring costs: The Aqua TROLL 500 adapts to monitoring needs without extra field equipment. With ultra-stable sensors that minimize calibration and maintenance needs, the multiprobe reduces total cost of ownership.

– Saves hours on fieldwork: VuSitu mobile app records data directly from the probe for spot checks or low-flow sampling. Telemetry integration with HydroVu platform provides real-time access to remote monitoring data without having to download data in the field.

– Delivers higher quality data: Drift-resistant sensors with simplified calibration provide accurate, reliable data—no messy field notebooks required. When using the instrument as a handheld, our mobile app walks you through SOPs to minimize errors. Rugged design with unique antifouling wiper ensures performance in harsh environments for longer deployments.

– Ease of use: Streamlined data collection and automatic environmental compensation mean zero post-processing, while our mobile app lets you tag sites and track GPS coordinates. The probe easily integrates with control systems and telemetry, as well as our online HydroVu data management platform for remote monitoring.

– 24/7 Support: Get free tech support and help with your application anytime, even in the field.

Telemetry2U Compatible

Telemetry2U lets you monitor your sensors, control devices and automate tasks – all through one simple, secure, and configurable IoT platform. In Situ sensors are completely compatible with their technology, allowing for:

  • – Real-time data access on any device
  • – Alerts and alarms for parameters you define
  • – 4G compatibility, allowing you to view live data from even remotely deployed sensors
  • –  Comprehensive reporting and historic data visualizations

Servicing, Calibration and Support

Imbros’ local engineering department can service, repair and calibrate your instrument without expensive shipping costs or wait times.


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