Imhoff Sedimentation Cones (SAN)

Crystal clear SAN Imhoff sedimentatuion cones.

2-place PPMA cone stands are also available.

Imhoff cone with permanently moulded graduations. Easy draining via PP screw plug in the base. Back flush cleaning easily achieved.

Conforms to DIN 12672.

Made of crystal clear SAN (Acrinotrile Styrene).

Product Specifications:

Art.Cap. mlInt. mlGrad. to levelVolumetric tol.Top Ø mmBase Ø mm (no cap)Tot h mm
105510000 – 20.1+ / – 5%External: 124.50External: 18.70With cap: 478.40
||2 – 100.5+ / – 5%Internal: 117.70Internal: 8.70Without cap: 474.70
||10 – 1001.5+ / – 5%Tol. + / – 0.3Tol. + / – 0.3Tol. + / – 0.3
||100 – 30010.0+ / – 5%|||
||300 – 100050.0+ / – 5%|||

Product Dimensions:

Diameter, stemmm.480,00
General dimensional tolerancemm.+/- 0,30

Chemical Resistance:

Categories of SubstanceReferenceConcen. %T.20°T.40°T.60°
Inorganic acidSulphuric acid98C
Organic acidBenzoic acid100BBB
Inorganic alkaliSodium hydroxide50AAA
Organic alkaliAniline100CCC
EstherEthyl acetate100
Hydrocarbons, aromaticBenzene100CCC
Hydrocarbons, linearHexane100AAA
A: fair resistence; exposure (30 days) to the chemical does not cause any damage.
B: sufficient resistence; exposure causes damage of poor importance, which sometimes is only temporary.
C: poor resistence; exposure to chemical is not allowed, or causes immediate permanent damage.

Results of testing with reference materials are to be considered as indication: in case of specific use it is recommended to carry out preliminary testing.

2 Place PPMA stands also available

Stand to suit Imhoff Sedimentation Cone (Art. 1055).

Art.PlacesDim. Mm
10562150 x 300 x 294 h

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