IEC – Simmerstat Control Hot Plate

Hot Plate, general purpose laboratory hot plate, 240V.AC. 600 watts. Rectangular 200 x 180 mm area, with high temperature alloy plate for even plate temperature.

‘Simmerstat’ temperature control provides heat adjustment from zero to full over a scale from 1 to 10. At the setting of 10, maximum plate temperature is approx 450 deg.C.

Ideal for general laboratory use.

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Simmerstat control, plain plate: CH1920-001. Also available with PTFE coated plate (CH1921-001).


Plate size: 200 x 180 mm.
Material: High temperature aluminium alloy.
Front Panel Controls: Mains ON/OFF Switch. (illuminated). Control knob for heat.
Cooling: Ventilated Housing and heat baffles mounted to the underside of hot plate. Convection cooling inside housing.
Power: 220/240V.AC. 50/60 Hz. 3 Amp approx. Element 650 watt.
• Maximum plate surface temperature 420 C, with small load and with heat control on ‘FULL’. Heat adjustable from 0-10 on scale.

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