Histostar Embedding Center

Explore the Epredia HistoStar™ embedding system and discover how to achieve high-quality paraffin blocks that enable Pathologists to make accurate decisions.

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The Histostar™ Embedding Center is designed to enhance user comfort and increase work productivity, allowing for a seamless transition from tissue processing to microtomy.

Cool and Contoured

• All user contact points are smooth and insulated providing a cool and comfortable workspace. The casework has been precision sculpted to avoid pressure points and uncomfortable heated areas

• Cool LED lighting provides specimen illumination at five user-selectable intensities, without the clutter of awkward remote lighting. A low-profile dispense head further enhances specimen visibility

High capacity Throughput

• With its large-capacity tissue storage tank, the HistoStar is capable of accepting baskets from any tissue processor. The five-liter paraffin reservoir is one of the largest basket storage compartments, and along with the large area cold plate, has been designed for maximum productivity in the busiest of laboratories

• Any sample size can be handled with ease. A simple adjustment moves the dispensing paddle to accommodate the samples you are working with. Even Super Mega™ cassettes from Epredia can be embedded. Two different nozzle lengths allow for adaptation to personal convenience

• Large easy to read touch screen display allows quick access to the precise temperature controls and other parameters. Programmable “sleep” mode saves energy and accommodates user workflow

• Integrated ParaTrimmer™ – excess paraffin can be removed during the embedding process without scraping

• Adjustable cold plate with variable temperature +/- 5 °C. Holds up to 72 blocks at a time

Servicing, Calibration and Support

Imbros’ local engineering department can service, repair and calibrate your instrument without expensive shipping costs or wait times.


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