Hei-VAP Core: Heidolph Rotary Evaporators

An operating concept that is focused on the essentials: clear and with access to the basic parameters rotation speed and heating bath temperature at any time.

  • – Clear digital display showing actual and set values
  • – Two separate knobs with dynamic control for setting the rotation speed and heating bath temperature: fast turning for large jumps, slow turning for precise setting of the set values
  • – Accidental changing of the values can be prevented by the lock function
  • – Intuitive LED ring light system makes activated functions clearly visible even from a distance
  • – Easy adjustment of the immersion depth up to 155 mm and the inclination angle from 20° to 80°
  • – Standby function and residual heat warning at heating bath temperatures above 50 °C
  • – Available as hand or motor lift models
  • – The standby button stops all functions and, when using a motor lift model, lifts the evaporating flask from the heating bath.


Optional Add-ons


The Hei-CHILL models are specifically designed for reliable continuous operation in the laboratory offering with different cooling capacities.

Valve-Regulated Vacuum Pumps

Standard vacuum pumps can be controlled manually or via valve operated vacuum controllers


The Hei-CHILL Peltier thermostat is very versatile in laboratories and industry and impresses with a precise temperature control and a 600 W cooling capacity.

RPM-Regulated Vacuum Pumps

Controllable vacuum pumps for digital regulation of the vacuum via operation panel or directly at the unit


Glassware Sets

A range of glassware sets with diagonal or vertical condensers for all standard and reflux distillations.

Available in a range of volumes and configurations, with coated or non-coated glass.

Dry Ice options suitable for low boiling solvents.

Evaporating Flasks

Evaporating flasks in a range of sizes and styles.

Volumes ranging from 50ml to 5,000ml.

Get in touch to enquire about availability and compatibility with each Hei-VAP model.

Powder Flasks

Powder flasks for use with solid samples.

Volumes ranging from 500ml to 2,000ml.

Powder flasks come with a standard NS 29/32 joint size.

Receiving Flasks

Receiving flasks in a range of sizes.

Volumes ranging from 100ml to 3,000ml.

Available in coated or uncoated glass.

Evaporating Cylinders

Evaporating cylinders suitable for viscous samples.

Volumes ranging from 500ml to 1,500ml.

29/32 or 24/29 ground joint sizing available.

Spiders NS

Time-saving apider attachments for processing multiples samples at once.

5, 6, 12 and 20 flask configuarions available.

Available in multiple styles.

Foam Brake

Useful for keeping particles out of the condenser when evaporating frothy substances.

Maximum recommended load is 1.5 kg.

29/32 or 24/29 ground joint sizing available.

Additional Accessories

Various spare parts and additional accessories available:

  • – Hoods and Shields,
  • – Vapor Tubes,
  • – Spare and Replacement Tubing,
  • – PTFE Vacuum Seals
  • – Heating Bath Liquids
  • – Vacuum Controllers
  • – Woulff Bottles

Technical Data

LiftHand lift or Motor lift
Rotation speed range10 – 280 rpm
Rotation speed indicator3.5″ LCD Display
Heating capacity1,300 W
Overheat protection bathcut-off at 5 °C over set temperature via separate PT 1000
Bath temperature setting3.5″ LCD Display
Heating bath temperature controlelectronic / digital
Max. size evaporating flask5 l
Integrated vacuum controller
Integrated Hei-CHILL controller
Vacuum program Dynamic AUTOaccurate
requires AUTOaccurate sensor
Programmable ramps
Condensing surface1,400 cm²
Condensing surface XL condenser2,200 cm²
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