HANNA: Handheld Colorimeters for Saltwater Aquariums

Marine Line includes our innovative Checker HC handheld colorimeter. Hanna Instruments took the technology used in much more expensive portable and benchtop photometers and applied it to handheld colorimeter that allowed the aquarium enthusiast to perform laboratory quality analysis. Based on the Beer-Lambert Law of absorbance. Results are then displayed digitally.

Small, convenient, digital colorimeters designed specifically for coral/fish or fish-only aquariums and fish tank maintenance.

  • – Ideal for aquariums and marine biology
  • – Easier to use and more accurate than chemical test kits
  • – Small size, big convenience

A Checker for Every Parameter

Marine Alkalinity Checker HC – HI755

Marine Ammonia Checker HC – HI784

Marine Calcium Checker HC – HI758

Marine Magnesium Checker HC – HI783

Marine Nitrate High Range Checker HC – HI782

Marine Low Range Nitrate Checker HC – HI781

Marine Nitrite Ultra Low Range Checker® HC – HI764

Marine Low-Range Nitrite Checker HC – HI767

Marine pH Checker HC – HI780

Marine Phosphate Ultra Low Range Checker HC – HI774

Marine Phosphorus Ultra Low Range Checker HC – HI736

Marine Alkalinity (dKH) Checker HC – HI772

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