Hach: HQ Series Portable Meters

The HQ Series is for water quality professionals who want to perform electrochemical analysis for field and lab environments. Our new portable platform will allow you to collect intuitive, accurate measurements, manage data, and easily review results, while supplying an IP67 robustness rating.

The New Standard in Electrochemistry Analysis

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The new HQ™ Series meters from Hach® have improved functionality and performance – robustness, calibration and data management.

HQ Series applications:

  • – Drinking Water
  • – Wastewater
  • – Food and Beverage
  • – Industrial Water
  • – Power
  • – Source Water

With the HQ Series Meter, you can:

Perform step-by-step, on-screen instructions for calibration

Most measuring issues are due to incorrect calibration procedures. With our illustrated, step-by-step on-screen calibration and troubleshooting procedures, water quality professionals can succeed every time.

Deliver your daily activity in just a few simple steps

Whether you are at your facility or working in the field, the Hach HQ Series portable meter ensures your data will be safely transferred via USB or optional Bluetooth.

Measure a variety of parameters in the most challenging environments 

We offer standard laboratory and rugged field IntelliCal™ smart sensors available with the HQ Series to measure a wide variety of parameters. They incorporate proven technology to deliver superior accuracy and response times – even when measuring challenging samples or challenging operating environments.

Have peace of mind that Hach service and support is there for you

Our Technical Support Team help you maximize instrument uptime, ensure data integrity, maintain operational stability, and reduce compliance risk. Never feel alone when you need support.

Servicing, Calibration and Support

Imbros’ local engineering department can service, repair and calibrate your instrument without expensive shipping costs or wait times.


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