Free Flow Water Sampler

Free-flushing oceanographic water sampler

The Free Flow Water Sampler is an innovative design which avoids the limitations of the PWS/Niskin bottles caused by their reduced inlet and outlet diameters. The outstanding feature of the Free Flow Water Sampler is the really free-flushing construction of the sampler where no cone or ball-valve influences the water exchange inside the sampling tube.


The Free Flow Water Sampler features all plastic (PVC and POM) design, consisting of a tube with two lids connected by a latex rubber tubing/stainless steel spring (10l version). The lids are kept open during descent, caring for a perfect flushing of the sampling tube. Like the PWS, the Free Flow Water Sampler on the one hand can be used on Multi Water Sampler/ Rosette/Carousel arrays and on the other hand it can be used as single or series instrument connected to a hydrographic wire.


When used directly connected to a hydrographic wire, a messenger, dropped down the wire from the surface, releases the end stoppers for closure. For the use of several Free Flow Water Samplers in a row a second messenger below the first sampler is used to actuate a series of samplers along the wire.
When operated as a single instrument without bottom weight, we recommend to use a Centered Mounting Rack (436 380 … 436 390) which cares for a vertical position of the sampler. Retrieve the water sample via the discharge cock/tube at the lower end of the sampler.



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