FlowControl-Sub is a microprocessor-controlled fully submersible 3-way valve system for use in flow-through applications on profiling platforms such as for example CTD’s or profiling floats.

During profiling, the system diverts ambient water through a cartridge filter on either the up- or downcast. When the bottom of the profile has been reached, the system switches so that non-filtered water is measured. The profiles of filtered and unfiltered measurements allow for high-accuracy differential measurements of particle properties, for example absorption, in the entire profile.


– Pinch valve design for full-port flow and easy replacement of fouled tubing
– Rapid transition of valve state (~1 s)
– Auxiliary inputs for analog sensors and Hall Effect volumetric flow sensors (paddlewheel or turbine)
– Flexible configuration of valve operation for scheduled or profiling operation, as well as start and stop conditions
– Continuous output and internal logging of valve state and depth



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