Filter Funnels

Common lab distillation apparatus.

3.3 Borosilicate Glass

Temperature resistant: 560 d c

Borosilicate 3.3 Filter Funnels

A must have for all classrooms and laboratories.

40mm d  x 40mm stemLW3157-01EACH
50mm d x 55mm stemLW3167-01EACH
60mm d x 65mm stemLW3177-01EACH
75mm d  x 75mm stemLW3187-01EACH
90mm d x 90mm stemLW3197-01EACH
100mm diameter x 100mm stemLW3198-01EACH
120mm d  x 120mm stemLW3207-01EACH
150mm d x 155mm stemLW3217-01EACH

Polypropylene Filter Funnels

50mm D x 45mm stem

75mm D x 70mm stemLW3247-01EACH
100mm D x  85mm stemLW3257-01EACH
150mm D x 110mm stemLW3277-01EACH

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