EvoLogics: Quadroin Bionic Underwater Robot

EvoLogics Quadroin is an autonomous underwater vehicle with low-drag bionic design. Based on years of research, the AUV’s shape and contour of a penguin-like spindle maximize its hydrodynamic performance.

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The Quadroin is a next generation AUV with low-drag bionic design.

EvoLogics’ founder Dr. Rudolf Bannasch studied Adelie penguins and their highly efficient locomotion since the 1980s, with several field trips to the Antarctic and numerous experiments in wind tunnels and water tanks. Innovative spindle-shaped flow bodies, modeled after penguins, achieve ultra-low drag coefficients in the water.

The technical design choices maintain the shape and contour of an idealized penguin-like body without protruding parts to facilitate the highest drag efficiency. Driven by four rear thrusters, this AUV shows excellent hydrodynamic performance and maneuverability. It is up to 10 knots fast and highly energy efficient.

A first practical application comprises a swarm of (up to) 10 Quadroin AUVs designed by EvoLogics together with Prof. Burkard Baschek during his time at the German Helmholtz-Zentrum Hereon for monitoring water currents and nutrient fluxes in sea vortices. For this purpose, the Quadroins are equipped with special multiparameter probes (customized by Sea & Sun Technology) and trained to successively scan the water column at different depth levels in formation flight.

• Fast and maneuverable at up to 5 m/s
• Propulsed by 4 horizontal thrusters in X-shaped configuration
• Automatically collapsible multifunctional antenna increases endurance and communication range at the surface
• Surface communication module with WiFi, 868 MHz radio and GNSS
• Built-in S2C M 18/34 “mini” modem with streamlined antenna cover for underwater communication and positioning
• Payload capacity for various sensors and instruments
• High-power flash lights for easy localization and recovery


Operating Depth:150m
Speed:up to 5m/s
Endurance:over 10h at 2m/s (depending on installed payload)
Dimensions:length 1120 mm, Ø 304 mm max.
Weight:less than 25 kg in air / buoyancy trimmable


Power Supply:internal rechargeable Li-Ion batteries
Battery Capacity:1 kWh
Charging Time:less than 6 hours


UW Communication and Positioning:S2C M 18/34 acoustic modem with atomic clock, up to 13.9 kbit/s
Navigation:GNSS, Nortek Nucleus1000 DVL with AHRS and INS, optional LBL
positioning, underwater collision avoidance system (future option)
Radio Communication:WiFi 2.4 GHz, 863-870 MHz ISM modem (915 MHz available),
GSM or Iridium optional
Integrated AHRS:Integrated xSens MTi-630
Onboard PC:I.MX 6ULL single core ARM Cortex-A7, 792 MHz, 512 MB RAM, 64 GB
memory (SD-card), EvoLogics AI module for high-end onboard computing
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