ECO-Triplet – three channel optical sensor

This optical sensor is available in combinations of backscattering, turbidity, and fluorescence measurements. ECOs feature optional active anti-fouling and internal batteries for long-term deployments, as well as a 6,000 m depth rating.

The ECO Triplet features an evolutionary design that builds off the bio-wiper and faceplate available on the current ECO line. A copper faceplate covers all but the optics, and a central pivot three-armed copper and neoprene wiper clears the optics prior to sampling. The wiper and shaft assembly is oil filled, reducing the need for returning the instrument for shaft seal replacement.

The ECO Triplet is configured for:

  • – Biogeochemical measurements of chlorophyll and FDOM fluorescence and red backscattering
  • – Remote Sensing and Particle Dynamics Measurements—blue, green and red backscattering


– Multiple measurements in a compact design

– Multiple scattering and fluorescence combinations available
– Free space measurement with no pump required
– Available with internal batteries
– Available with copper anti-fouling faceplate and wiper
– Addresses the need for multiple simultaneous scattering and fluorescence sensors for autonomous and unattended measurement platforms.
– Performs a free space measurement and requires no pump. It accommodates a variety of deployment options.
– Provides excellent precision, reliability, and overall performance at a fraction of the cost and size of similar instruments.
– Provides multiple measurements in a compact design, making the ECO Triplet unique among in-situ fluorometers.

Measurement Parameters:

Three-channel ECO sensor. Select any combination of fluorescence, turbidity, and/or scattering channels. Sampling rate up to 4 Hz. RS-232 output on 6-pin MCBH wet-pluggable connector. Includes shipping case.

  • C – Blue (470nm) Backscatter BB (5 m-1)
  • D – Green (532nm) Backscatter BB (5 m-1)
  • E – Red (650nm) Backscatter BB (5 m-1)
  • F – Red (700nm) Backscatter BB (5 m-1)
  • G – Near IR (880nm) Backscatter BB (5 m-1)
  • 2 – Chlorophyll-a Fluorescence (30 or 50 ug/L)
  • 3 – CDOM Fluorescence (375 ppb)
  • 4 – Phycocyanin Fluorescence (230 ppb)
  • 5 – Phycoerythrin Fluorescence (230 ppb)
  • 6 – Rhodamine Fluorescence (230 ppb)
  • 7 – Uranine Fluorescence (400 ppb)

Servicing, Calibration and Support

Imbros’ local engineering department can service, repair and calibrate your instrument without expensive shipping costs or wait times.


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