Combination Safety Shower and Eyewash Station

This SAFE-T-WASH© unit combines an eyewash and drench shower station to provide emergency flushing of contaminants due to exposure. Constructed from stainless steel and coated in a durable HIVIS paint, this unit has both and and foot pedal operation for ease of use. Complies with relevant standards and is built to last.

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As the name suggests, Combination Safety Shower and Eyewash shares a combined pluming fixture.

Combination units incorporate both an eyewash unit and shower head. The STOREMASTA emergency Safety Shower and Eyewash combination unit is free-standing.

The STOREMASTA emergency shower and eyewash combination unit is designed and manufactured in full conformance to the requirements of the Australian Standard: AS 4775-2007 – Emergency eyewash and shower equipment.

STOREMASTA emergency shower and eyewash combination unit are manufactured in STOREMASTA’s local manufacturing facility in Australia.


  • – Stainless steel construction coated with high visibility protective coating.
  • – Constructed from 1/4″ stainless steel pipe
  • – Fitted with automatic pressure compensating valve to ensure steady flow
  • – Complies with Australian Standards AS 4775-2007
  • – Supplied with signage the complies with the Australian Standard
External DimensionsH 2430 W 320 D 550
Weight15.0 kg
FreightNational Distribution
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