Burette Clamps and Holders

Burette clamps and clips in a variety of materials, sizes and styles.

Laboratory Burette Clips and Clamps

A must have for every laboratory and classroom, burette clamps are available in a range of materials, styles and sizes.

Generally made of polypropylene or die-cast aluminium, these clamps are great for ensuring your burettes are held perfectly parallel to your retort stand and perpendicular the lab bench for the best volume reading and accuracy. Our range of burette holders and clamps come in a wide variety of styles to suit all types of burettes and retort stands.

Useful for holding burettes, thermometers, funnels and more. One- and two-burette options are available.

Bulk discounts for classroom or laboratory fit-outs are available upon request. Please get in touch for a quotation.

A range of essential stands, clamps, bossheads, fittings and more…

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