Bulk Hydrogen peroxide 30% / 50% (1000L IBC)

Chemical Formula: H₂O₂

Multiple concentrations and grades.

Available in 1000L IBCs. Please enquire for options.

Bulk Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2), available in 30% and 50% concentrations in Tasmania on demand in 1000L (1100 KG) IBC units. 

Solvay’s INTEROX® range of high purity Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) is available in several different grades. These top quality H2O2 products include aseptic grade, cosmetic grade, pharma grade, electronic grade and food grade hydrogen peroxide.

Solvay’s INTEROX® products are available in a vast range of standard and specialty grades. Solvay’s standard grade is available in different concentrations ranging from 35 to 50%. Clients in various industries rely on INTEROX® ST, our entry level product, for massive industrial applications including bleaching pulp, deinking or reused paper; extracting precious metals; reducing environmental contaminants when treating water, gas and soil; and bleaching textiles.

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