Bulk Ethanol 95% Beverage Grade (1000L IBC)

Synonyms: Alcohol, Ethyl alcohol, EtOH

Chemical Formula: C₂H₅OH

Grade: Beverage Grade

Bulk Ethanol (95%) supplied in Tasmania on demand in 1000L IBC units, or 200L drums. 

Heads up:


Do you have a permit?


If you’re after ethanol, you’ll need to meet one of the following criteria:


– You (person or entity) hold current concessional spirits permit and the nominated supplier on that permit is Imbros (you can specify up to 4 suppliers on your application). Please note that we can’t supply more than the quantity that is specified on your permit.


In order to apply for the concessional spirits permit, you’ll need to lodge an application with the ATO. You can do so here.


– You (person or entity) fall into one of the below categories of professionals and institutions:


      • 1. Health care practitioners (pharmacist, doctor, chiropractor, dentist, osteopath, physiotherapist, or registered nurse)
      • 2. Veterinary practitioners
      • 3. Medical, government, and educational institutions

Wilmar BioEthanol Beverage Grade ethanol is manufactured at a nominal strength of 96%.

95BG is specifically designed to meet applications in the manufacture of flavoured beverages. As it is sugar cane derived, it has characteristic low-odour properties and minimal impurities which make it preferable for artisan distilleries over wheat or grain derived alternatives.

Wilmar BioEthanol 95BG ethanol is certified. To purchase ethanol grades, an Australian Tax Office (ATO) permit is required. Please contact us or the ATO to understand your obligations.

Suggested Applications:

  • – Flavoured RTDs
  • – Flavour concentrates
  • – Boutique spirit manufacture (where further distilling is undertaken)

Key Properties:

Molecular weight 64.08 g/mol (95SG)

Molecular formula C2H8O2 (95SG)

Relative density 0.805 – 0.812 at 20°C (95SGF)

British Pharmacopeia (BP)

Kosher (not all 95BG ethanol is kosher however kosher ethanol is available on request)

Halal (not all 95BG ethanol is halal however halal ethanol is available on request)


  • – CAS No. 64-17-5
  • – ISO 9001
  • – Wilmar BioEthanol – Queensland

Supplied in:

  • 20L pails
  • 200L drums
  • 1000L IBCs

Please Note: Given Ethanol is a hazardous and restricted chemical, it is expensive and difficult for us to ship outside of Tasmania. Mainland customers should note that it may be more cost-effective to buy non-bulk quantities of Ethanol from suppliers in their own state.

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