BUCHI Proxi­Mate – NIR instrument

ProxiMate, a NIR instrument for the harshest environments, is designed for the food and feed industry. The compact system can be operated anywhere by anyone thanks to a simple interface and pre-calibration packages that ensure speed and quality.


Depending on specification the BUCHI ProxiMate™ is an NIR or visible light plus NIR spectrometer based on diode array technology. ProxiMate™ is designed especially to work in the food and feed production environments and features a robust housing design sealed to IP69 ingress protection standard. The stainless steel case is designed to prevent corrosion when acidic, basic or chlorine detergents are applied.

Applicative fit for your Food and Feed

Extremely Robust

ProxiMate is the most robust NIR instrument on the market. The instrument can be placed where results matter: right next to the production line.

Dust and Waterproof (IP69)

Hygiene Design

Mechanical and Chemical Resistance

Simple Operation

ProxiMate is designed for everyone to use. Operation of the touch-screen user interface has been optimized to facilitate rapid measurement execution, uncomplicated application development and straightforward preference setting. All BUCHI touch-screen interfaces are similar, reducing operator training requirements.

Results with one click 

Hands free or with gloves


Application Overviews

Fish Industry Process Control


Cannabis Processing 



Ambient Conditions

For indoor use only.

Max. altitude above sea level2000 m
Ambient temperature5 – 40 °C (25 °C)
Maximum relative humidity80% for temperatures up to 31 °C
Storage temperaturemax. 45 °C
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