AMT pH sensor – Deep Water Version 6000 m

The Deep Water pH Sensor has been developed for the external interfacing to existing probe systems for depths of up to 6,000 m. An additional interfacing cable and a temperature sensor is necessary. The sensor is ideal for the combination with AMT-H2S-sensors to determine the Total Dissolved Sulphide Amount (TDSA).

A new combined electrode for submersible probe systems. The pH-combined sensor consists of a reference electrode and a pH sensitive glass electrode in one housing to save one free channel of the probe system.


To realize accurate measurements in the deep sea too, a double diaphragm for the reference electrode was used to avoid problems with the signal stability during pressure
changes. The interface reference electrode/sample is realized in this case by means of a hole diaphragm. Inside the reference electrode follows a KCl containing gel with a special built-in second diaphragm containing the Ag/AgCl-reference system in a potassium chloride solution. The pH-combined sensor for the in-situ determination of pH is available as deep sea version (up to 600 bar) without integrated temperature sensor.


Main features:
Measuring range: variable between 0…14 pH, standard: 2…11 pH
Accuracy/resolution: 0,05 pH/0,01 pH
Pressure range: up to 6,000 dbar
Required power supply: 9.5…18 V DC as standard (others on request)
Signal output: 0 … + 5 V DC (others on request)
Dimensions: diameter: 30.0 (-0.5 mm), length: 250 mm over all


Servicing, Calibration and Support

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