Air Sizer 200 Sieving Machine

Ideal for sieving very fine dry particles, which require efficient dispersion and desagglomeration via air jet technology (e.g. electrostatic material).

It is also the perfect instrument to quickly provide a sieve cut of powdered materials.

An Endecotts sieve of the appropriate aperture size is placed in the airtight mounting plate bracket and a lid is placed on top of the sieve.

Vacuum is applied to the chamber beneath the sieve drawing air out of the sieve through the apertures and carrying with it any undersize particles. To create a continuous flow, positive pressure air is drawn into the sieve through a channel in a rotating arm placed immediately below the microplate or sieve mesh. The incoming air creates a wave within the sample helping
to fluidise the sample and clear any blocked apertures. Any undersize sample is discharged into the vacuum unit.


  • – Advanced air jet technology for fine particles, usable for dry material 20 µm upwards
  • – Adjustable nozzle speed, 5 – 55 rpm
  • – Extremely efficient and fast sieving times
  • – Sieving action keeps apertures clear
  • – Air flow fluidises and helps to separate sample
  • – Ideal for electrostatic materials
  • – Cyclone and industrial vacuum available as accessories
  • – Maintenance free


Range20 µm – 4 mm
Drive / sieving motiondispersion by air jet
Max. number of sieves1
Max. mass of sieve stacka standard sieve
Speed5 – 55 rpm (nozzle speed)
Time displaydigital, 0:10-99:50 min
Vacuum20 – 99 mbar
Suitable for dry sievingyes
Suitable for wet sievingno
Max. height of sieve stack1 sieve
AccessoriesCyclone / industrial vacuum
Protection codeIP 40
Electrical supply100 – 240 V , 50/60Hz
Power connection1 – phase
W x H x D450 x 235 x 435 mm
Net weight~ 16 kg

Servicing, Calibration and Support

Imbros’ local engineering department can service, repair and calibrate your instrument without expensive shipping costs or wait times.


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