A-Line Electronic Crimpers

New A-Line Electronic Crimpers from Agilent Technologies are the perfect addition to any high-throughput chromatography lab.

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More vials crimped per battery charge.
Increased crimping speed when compared to previous models.


Less hand strain.
Lighter weight means less effort.


New OLED screen.
A far easier viewing interface – The display has been moved to the top of the device for easier viewing and operation for both left- and right-handed users.


Improved software.
New, multiple language readout capabilities and better crimping performance data.


Improved power signal.
Clearly see when the battery needs to be charged. Plus, more efficient charging with no overheating.


Extended productivity.
A new, brushless motor extends the life of the device significantly, while also reducing battery charging intervals.


Works with existing model 5 accessories.
Increased flexibility with legacy accessories.


It’s time to upgrade. These handheld electronic crimpers deliver tight, reproducible seals on every sample vial – regardless of cap material (works great with both steel and aluminium caps). The slim, adjustable jaws fit around closely spaced vials, which enables you to crimp vials directly in autosampler trays without the need to clutter your workspace or lose the order of your samples.


If you recycle or reuse vials, the device can also remove caps just as easily as it can put them on.


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