3M Clean-Trace™: ATP Testing System

3M’s Clean-Trace® Hygiene Monitoring and Management system provides the tools you need to efficiently manage your cleaning and sanitation processes. This innovative swab solution provides accurate, trust-worthy results that allow you to quickly, and confidently, make the high-risk decision to verify cleanliness and begin production.

When it comes to hygiene monitoring, you’ve got a lot on the line — and accurate information is critical. But not all systems are the same. Keep things moving with the 3M Clean-Trace Hygiene Monitoring and Management System, now reinvented and more reliable. It helps you quickly prepare for and pass your audits. It’s designed to give you peace of mind with improved accuracy and breakthrough technology.

Clean-Trace Luminometer

  • – Easy-to-learn user interface features intuitive navigation/screen menus
  • – Fast  quantitative ATP results
  • – User-friendly touchscreen and easy to read colour display
  • – Ergonomic design allows for one-handed operation regardless of hand size
  • – Wired or wireless downloading with WiFi or Bluetooth® Technology
  • – Sample plans can include photo of sampling point
  • – Robust handset with impact resistant casing

Superior Software

  • – Quickly view and sort data to optimise your time
  • – Simple filters to focus on specific sample plans and points
  • – Common Tasks — 1-click access to key features
  • – User-friendly interface helps reduce training time
  • – Easily randomise test points in sample plans
  • – Include up to 8 additional quality checks in your sample plans: Visual, Temperature, pH, Chemical and four user defined tests

Water and Surface Swabs

You don’t have time for inefficient testing — you need to get in, get your sample and get out. 3M Clean-Trace ATP Tests feature an intuitive design that’s easy to use and implement, with a long, flexible shape, allowing you to swab even difficult-to-reach areas. And the sleek, portable swabs are easy to activate with one hand.

  • – Flexible design helps you swab difficult areas
  • – Easy to activate for increased efficiency
  • – Pre-moistened and ready to use — just grab and go

Clean-Trace in Action

Ordering Information

Stock CodeDescriptionPack Size
3MLM13M LM1 Luminometer1
3MUXL100Clean Trace UXL100 Surface ATP 100/Box100
3MAQT200Clean Trace AQT200 Water – Total ATP 100/Box100
3MAQF100Clean Trace AQF100 Water – Free ATP,100/Bx100
3MATP10ATPClean Trace Surface Positive Control Vial (10/case)10

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