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Sometimes there are places humans just can’t go. Whether it’s a hazardous area, a tight squeeze, or just a matter of convenience, there are still plenty of options for your organisation to get some eyes and sensors in the field.

One of Imbros’ most enduring specialities is supplying and servicing unmanned underwater and surface vehicles.

Unmanned underwater vehicles can be either remotely operated (ROV) or autonomous (AUV). A huge range of industries rely on Imbros to provide their ROV and AUV needs for a massive range of applications: defence, aquaculture, nuclear power, water management, offshore rigs, and more. We can supply an instrument that perfectly meets your needs and budget.

ROVs and AUVs

We provide ROV and AUV solutions from suppliers such as VideoRay and EvoLogics:

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Unmanned Surface Vessels

Field proven to stay for months at sea, Offshore Sensing AS‘ SailBuoy unmaned surface vessels navigate the oceans autonomously, transmitting data at regular intervals. The Sailbuoy can be used for a wide variety of ocean applications; from measuring ocean and atmospheric parameters, to tracking oil spills, to acting as a communication relay station for subsea instrumentation.

Accessories and Sensors

We can supply, install and calibrate a wide variety of sensors and accessories for your ROV or AUV. These include sonar imaging systems, 4K cameras, manipulator arms and samplers, radiation detectors, laser scalers, and much, much more. Whatever your needs, we can customise your new ROV to suit the task at hand.

We provide solutions from suppliers such as VideoRay, NKE Instrumentation, SeaBird and more:

Servicing, Calibration and Quality Assurance

Imbros’ engineering department offer a full suite of after-sales services to ensure your instruments remain in perfect working order. We can also create custom solutions to ensure your instrument works perfectly for any unique application.


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