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Underwater Telemetry and Communications

Underwater Telemetry and Communications systems enable real time data collection from moored or seafloor sensors.

Offline measurement and data collection systems can return out-dated or broken information. Given the unique challenges of underwater analysis, it can often be the case that by the time you have collected your instrument, system malfunctions that were previously detected until recovery have rendered your data useless. With the unique capabilities of hydro-acoustic modems and other telemetry and communications systems, remote data links allow you to react immediately, and collect information in real time.

We provide solutions from suppliers such as SeaBird, EvoLogics, NKE Instrumentation, SoundNine, and more:

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Servicing, Calibration and Quality Assurance

Imbros’ engineering department offer a full suite of after-sales services to ensure your instruments remain in full working order.


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