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Cable and Tethers

Imbros works closely in collaboration with Winchester Interconnect (Formerly Falmat Inc) – a respected cable manufacturer – to supply and create custom cabling solutions for a wide range of purposes and deployment sites. Whether you need high speed fibre-optic for extreme conditions, a new tether for your ROV, or something completely new – we have you covered.

Get in touch for more information, or visit the Falmat/Winchester Interconnect websites below.

Cable Options

See the guide below for more information on the different cable options Imbros can supply.

Request a Custom Cable

You may need a custom cable created for a variety of reasons. Luckily, Imbros can help. Simply fill out the form below with your requirements, and we’ll have a custom cable created:

Servicing, Calibration and Quality Assurance

Imbros’ engineering department offer a full suite of after-sales services to ensure your cable is protected and remains in full working order.


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