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An extensive selection of filter paper grades, sizes, and options to cater to any requirement, whether you’re in need of filter paper for industrial processes, laboratory experiments, or educational purposes. As a supplier of Filtech and Cytiva/Whatman papers and filtration supplies, we can access the ideal product to meet your filtration needs, and ensure superior quality and reliability.

Our suppliers include Filtech, Whatman, Merck Millipore, Sartorius and more:

Filtech Filter Papers

Made in Australia by Filtech, these papers are low-cost and readily available.

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Whatman Filter Papers

A huge range of filter papers to suit all budgets and requirements.

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See the Whatman Cytiva guide below for more information on the different sizes available.


Syringe Filters

Over 120 different syringe filter product codes provide one of the widest choices to optimally meet your application requirements, from medical device sterile filtration to research use cell culture purposes.

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We keep a variety of stock on-hand in our Hobart warehouse. Any other specific requirements can be easily ordered from our suppliers and shipped to you. Get in touch today, and let us know what you need!