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We only source the highest quality scientific glassware. With over 45 years of experience with suppliers, we stock a selection of Australian and international brands that we are confident will give your business the best results. We can supply all your glassware, plasticware and labware needs – just get in touch!

– Burettes
– Volumetric Glassware
– Interchangeable Glassware
– Erlenmeyer Flasks (Conical Flasks)
– Laboratory Bottles
– Pipettes
– Petri Dishes
– Beakers
– Weighing Bottles
– Flasks
– Funnels
– Filtering Flasks
– Test Tubes
– Stirring Rods
– Boiling Flasks
– Burettes
– Measuring Cylinders
– Watch Glass
– Microscope Slides, Coverslips
– Filtration Apparatus
– Centrifuge Tubes
– and more
Disposable Plasticware
– Pipettes
– Pipette Tips
– Transfer Pipettes
– Syringe Filters
– Petri Dishes
– Staining Troughs
– Cell Culture Flasks
– Sample Vials
– Specimen Jars
– Bench Liners
– Disposable Stirrers
– Centrifuge Tubes
– PCR Tubes, Plates and Accessories
– Cuvettes
– Cell Culture Plastics
– Storage Microplates
– Storage Plates and Plate Sealers
– and more
Reusable Plasticware
– Bottles
– Wash Bottles
– Beakers
– Funnels
– Measuring Cylinders
– Carboys
– Environmental Sample Containers
– Tubes, Vials and Tube Racks
– and more

From the Catalogue


For a full range of all products we can supply, please have a look through these comprehensive catalogues of glass- and plasticware options from our main suppliers, Schott, Brand and Kartell.

Full Brochures and Guides


Our suppliers include Brand, Carlton Glass, Labglass, Kimble Kontes, Schott, and more:

Plasticware – Disposable

Our suppliers include Falcon, Greiner Bio-one, Nalgene, QSP, Sarstedt, Terumo, LabServ, Wuxi NEST Biotechnology and more:

Plasticware – Reusable

Our suppliers include Kartell, Cospak, Brand:

Enquire today

We keep a variety of stock on-hand in our Hobart warehouse. Any other specific requirements can be easily ordered from our suppliers and shipped to you. Get in touch today, and let us know what you need!