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Our portable gas detectors can be used to monitor ambient gas PPM and keep you safe from hazards.

Our gas detectors can measure and alert you in the event of dangerous levels of harmful and combustible gases, such as O₂ (Oxygen), CO (Carbon Monoxide), H₂S (Hydrogen Sulphide), SO₂ (Sulphur Dioxid’e) and NO₂ (Nitrogen Dioxide). Custom gas detector solutions can also be created and calibrated to your needs. We supply and service gas detectors for mining, fire services, construction, oil and gas, and many other industrial applications.

With over 45 years of experience, we know which gas detectors are the best for your business. Depending on what you need, we can recommend, supply, and calibrate an instrument perfect for your organisation.

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Our suppliers include BW Technologies, Honeywell Analytics, Rae Systems, and more:

Portable Gas Detectors

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Calibration Gas Mixes

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Servicing and Calibration

Our engineering department can offer local Australian maintenance and servicing to reduce downtime and keep your instrument in perfect working order.


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