Frequently Asked Questions

Shipping, payments and permits:

Do you deliver locally?
All our products can be delivered Tasmania-wide. Depending on your order size, pricing may vary. Please get in touch for more information.
Do you ship interstate?
We ship almost all our products Australia-wide. Due to some transport restrictions on certain chemicals however, it may be better to purchase these locally if you live outside of Tasmania and are only after a small quantity, as shipping times and pricing can greatly vary.
Can I stop in to purchase or pick up products?
Absolutely. If you’d like to stop in to enquire about a product, or pick up an order, feel free to do so! We keep a limited range of commonly sold products in our warehouse in Cambridge. It’s best to call ahead before on (03) 6216 1500 so we can ensure we have it available for pickup for you beforehand.

Do you ship to New Zealand and other countries?
We do! Imbros provides international shipping for many countries. Please get in touch for more information. 
Do you accept international payments?
We do! While we prefer payment in AUD, Imbros also accepts EUR and USD. Australian GST will still apply. Please get in touch for more information. 
Do I need a permit to purchase products?
Almost all of our products can be sold direct to the public. However, Australian law requires a permit for the purchase of certain chemicals we supply (E.g. Ethanol, Schedule 7 Poisons, Ephedrine, Hydrofluoric Acid, etc). For more information, please see our Chemicals and Solvents page.

Engineering and servicing:

Do you service instruments and equipment on-site?
For multiple jobs or larger pieces of equipment, our team of engineers can travel to your location for servicing, maintenance and calibration. Travel costs do apply. Find out more on our Engineering pages, or get in touch.
Can you help with a custom system or integration?
We can! If you need a custom solution or system, we can help. Our team of experts can configure a range of instruments and equipment to suit your exact needs and conditions. Find out more on our Engineering pages, or get in touch.


Why the name ‘Imbros’?
Our founder, Gavin Hills, started the company in 1973 from his home in New Town, Hobart. His house was built and named ‘Imbros’ by a WWI veteran who was stationed on the island of the same name in the Aegean sea, which was used as an air and naval base by ANZACs during the war.

Given the house already had a lovely bronze nameplate, it seemed fitting to keep the name for the business too.

I have a product - can you sell it?
We supply products and instruments from over 150 different companies. We’d be happy to take a look! If you have an exciting new product or technology you’d like us to take a look at, please get in touch!

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