A complete range of equipment for any brewing operation – large or small, we can help.

Imbros has supplied many wineries, breweries and distilleries across Australia. Whether you’re already award-winning, or trying your hand at your first Pale Ale in the laundry, we can help.

And don’t forget; if you need something not specified below, don’t hesitate to ask. We can almost always source you the gear you need.

Accurate Weighing

DEFENDER Durable Industrial Scales

Designed for Dependability and Durability at a Practical Price
The OHAUS Defender 2000 Series of bench scales offers OHAUS’ signature accuracy for commercial and industrial weighing applications at an unbeatable price. Depend on the OHAUS Defender 2000 Series when you need accuracy you can count on while maximizing your budget.


EXPLORER High Capacity Precision Scales

The Flagship Balance from OHAUS. OHAUS Explorer High Capacity balances provide unmatched functionality in a line of high-performance, high-capacity balances unlike any other on the market. This smart and intuitive balance simplifies even the most complex high-capacity laboratory measurements.


SCOUT Portable Balances

High-Performance Portable Balances with Intuitive Touchscreens
Ideal for laboratory and industrial applications. Geared for superior performance with fast stabilization time and high resolution results, these portable balances set a new standard for a range of tasks. Features also include overload protection and expanded connectivity options.


Laboratory Glassware

A complete range of Laboratory Glassware – most stock kept locally in our Cambridge warehouse for quick delivery or replacement.

• Hydrometers
• Alcoholometers
• Burettes
• Volumetric Glassware
• Interchangeable Glassware
• Erlenmeyer Flasks
• Laboratory Bottles

• Pipettes
• Petri Dishes
• Beakers
• Flasks
• Funnels
• Test Tubes
• Stirring Rods

• Measuring Cylinders
• Watch Glass
• Microscope Slides
• Filtration
• Centrifuge Tubes
• and more



Alcoholometers, Alcohol Determination Hydrometers

Glass Alcoholometers for fast and accurate determination of alcohol concentration.

Carlton Glass products are handcrafted in Australia from the highest of quality materials with 90 years of industry expertise.

Trusted by leaders in the pharmaceutical, mining, brewing, wine and food industries, these scientific laboratory hydrometers are used for accurate testing.

All alcoholometers (hydrometers) meet AS2371 standard and are supplied with certificate.


Safety Equipment

Dangerous Goods Storage

We help organisations reduce risk and improve efficiencies in the storage and management of dangerous goods and hazardous chemicals
We provide storage products for each dangerous goods class. This includes products such as flammable cabinets, chemical storage containers and gas bottle cages.


Gas Detection

Rapid detection of dangerous gasses and aerosol leaks
Wearable and mounted gas detectors can greatly improve the safety of your facilities for your staff. Detect Volatile Organic Carbons like monoxides and dioxides, as well as LEL (Lower Explosive Limits) for flammable gasses before a leak becomes dangerous or deadly.


Emergency Equipment

Chemical showers and eye wash stations for rapid accident response
When storing dangerous goods, it is very important to have an emergency eyewash station and chemical shower to deal with any incidents that may occur. Emergency showers and eyewash stations allow you to quickly wash away any dangerous chemicals that may come into contact with your face or body while handling hazardous chemicals.


Alcohol Meters

KEM ALM-155 – Precision Benchtop Alcohol Meter

Working in the whole concentration range from 0.00% to 100% alcohol content, The ALM-155 is perfect for distilleries.
The ALM-155 is a dedicated, small size and high-performance bench top density meter with oscillating capillary tube for the analysis of oenology, sprits and beer. The analysis of density and specific gravity in alcohol products has never been so easy and accessible for any budget. The ALM-155 displays results with high-resolution of 0.01% for alcohol content and 0.00001 g/cm3 for density.


SNAP 41/51 Handheld Digital Hydrometer

Snap 41 and Snap 51 are digital alcohol hydrometers for on-site measurement of spirits with outstanding accuracy. One instrument will replace all the glass hydrometers in your distillery and ensure what is on the label is in the bottle. Snap 41/51 measures the alcohol content in all your sugar-free distilled spirits at any strength along the whole production process. Use the portable instrument directly at the container and get results within a few seconds. With cutting-edge technology in a long-life instrument, the Snap series gives your hand-crafted spirits the high-quality measurement they deserve.


Chemicals and Reagents

Bulk Ethanol, pH buffers, electrode storage solution, laboratory detergents, acids and more – all available in in multiple grades and volumes.

If you need technical, laboratory or analytical grade chemicals, buffers, standards or reagents – Imbros is your go-to Tasmanian supplier.


Product Development

Extract your own essences from your own unique botanicals

Botanicals can be tricky. Sensitive essences can be denatured and destroyed when extracting with common high temperature methods. Flavours are lost or corrupted.

BUCHI’s incredible systems allow you to distill flavours from your botanicals in low temperatures, and effectively create your own essences without destroying what makes them unique. That means your style and profiles, unadulterated.


• Smart distillations
• Distillation process gets smarter every day
•  Optimized productivity, streamlined processes and increased security with BUCHI Cloud Services
• Unattended operation
• Automated execution of customized methods

High Flexibility

• Modular design that fits individual requirements
• A wide range of accessories for a wide range of applications
• Flexible Interface positioning
• Save time with mobile process monitoring


• Intuitive system operation with one touch commands
• Easy handling of flasks with Combi-Clip
• Fast reaction times thanks to real-time system control
• More sample safety with personalized glassware


Laboratory Essentials

Magnetic Stirrers and Hotplates

Magnetic Stirrer and Hot Plate combination with ‘Simmerstat’ temperature control.
Economy grade laboratory magnetic stirrers and hotplates.
Magnetic stirrers are useful for yeast culturing – building yeast numbers fast.
Stirrer/hotplate combinations have a range of uses around a brewery.


Premium Laboratory Fridges and Freezers

• Internal forced air flow
• Digital temperature display with high and low temperature alarms
• Maximum and minimum temperature logging
• Internal light on glass door cabinets
• BMS (Voltage free contacts allow connection for remote monitoring of power loss, low and high temperature alarms)
• Self closing doors with key locks
• Frost free operation
• Australian Made


pH Meters

Designed with a large LCD Display and six instructional menu buttons, the AB23 series bench meter is simple and straightforward. A 99-item memory for measurements ensures efficient data collection. A stand-alone holder with a small base provides the user greater flexibility when running experiments, and makes the AB23 bench meter a perfect space saving meter for your lab.


Thermometers and pen meters

The Testo 104 dual purpose IR and penetration thermometer is ideal for both food inspectors as well as receiving departments. With the ability to scan surface temperatures from a distance using the IR sensor, and a fast response folding NTC penetration probe for core temperature checks, the 104-IR is an ideal thermometer for all aspects of the food industry.



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