NOW AVAILABLE: Hach CL17sc Chlorine Analyzer


New from Hach – the CL17sc chlorine analyzer. Built on a legacy of reliability in online chlorine analysis. the CL17sc features an advanced design that reduces hands-on routine maintenance while providing powerful diagnostic features and enhanced connectivity. The result is less hassle, less risk of data loss and more information to empower your decision-making.
Easy maintenance
The CL17sc reduces your routine maintenance touch-time via programmable alerts, simplified tubing replacement, and step-by-step maintenance instructions.
Expanded connectivity and more flexibility
The CL17sc is now connected to Hach’s SC controller platform, giving you more flexibility to store, transfer, and interact with your process chlorine data. Benefit from internal data logging, external analog and digital communication alternatives, and multiparameter instrument flexibility.
Comprehensive diagnostics
Thanks to upgraded features like a flow sensor, colorimeter window, multicolored status light, and predictive diagnostic software, you know your CL17sc is operating as intended.
Imbros will be able to supply your CL17sc as soon as it’s available. Our engineers and experts will be available to answer any questions or assist with troubleshooting as you set up and use your new analyzer.

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    Australasian Coasts and Ports, 2019



    Australian Coasts & Ports 2019 will be relevant to any person with a professional interest in the coastal, maritime and marine environments. The conference will bring together engineers, planners, scientists and researchers to focus on the technological, scientific, policy, planning and design issues related to our diverse and developing coasts. It will integrate ideas and knowledge among engineers, port and maritime operators, researchers and scientists, local/central government, maritime manufacturers, planners, policy makers and media.

    If you’re attending, make sure to stop by our booth and say hello! We’ll have our marine science experts attending, ready to help you with any queries you might have about the latest oceanographic equipment.

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