Sequoia Scientific invents ‘Super-Turbidity’ methodology (Patent Pending)


In a world’s first, Sequoia Scientific, Inc. has invented a method (patent pending) to pair turbidity data with their acoustic backscatter sensor; the LISST-ABS. This pairing of acoustic and optical data leads to a radically-improved estimate of Suspended Sediment Concentration (SSC), compared to that which either sensor can provide on its own. In fact, measurements of SSC with this new method are within a factor of 2 of the actual value (e.g. based on sampling and subsequent filtration).

This is an order of magnitude improvement over currently used technologies.

To get this incredible innovation into the hands of the world, Sequoia is introducing a new instrument system, the LISST-AOBS Super-Turbidity Meter.



What’s more, all existing LISST-ABS sensors can be expanded to the LISST-AOBS Super-Turbidity Meter. Also, all existing turbidity sensors can be expanded to the LISST-AOBS Super-Turbidity Meter.

The implications of the new method and the introduction of the LISST-AOBS Super-Turbidity Meter are two-fold:

1) Existing regulations (e.g. for stormwater, construction, environmental monitoring) that call for the monitoring of turbidity can be adhered to while…

2) the user – at the same time – can obtain an accurate estimate of SSC.

The impact of this new technology is sure to be huge. According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, excessive sediment is the leading cause of impairment of the Nation’s waters. High SSC values influence virtually all aspects of aquatic life in a detrimental manner. So accurate measurements of SSC with low-cost sensors that can be deployed for months or years are will bolster a wide range of environmental quality programs, remediation efforts, court cases and more.

The LISST-AOBS Super-Turbidity Meter can help provide the data needed to make the decisions that will protect the World’s waters.

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AWA – Where the Waters Meet Conference, 2019



Come visit Imbros at the ‘Where the Waters Meet Conference’!

The conference includes a members-only breakfast, comprehensive trade exhibition and full day conference proceedings.

We’ll be at Booth 4, showing off some of the latest instrumentation and equipment available from around the world. If you’d like to attend, visit the Australian Water Association’s website here.

7.00-8.30am Members Breakfast, Wellington Room
8.00 – 5.00pm Trade Exhibition, Tasman Room
8.45 -5.30pm Conference, Plenary & break out sessions in the Wellington Room

Sandy Bay Rd, Sandy Bay, Hobart.

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Join Imbros at AMSA 2019


With nearly 1000 members from around Australia, AMSA is Australia’s peak professional marine science body. Their annual conferences allow institutions and marine scientists from all over the country to showcase cutting edge research and technologies, while strengthening networks and collaboration.

This year’s theme is ‘Marine Science for a Blue Economy’; a look at science that contributes to the health of our oceans and marine life, while also sustaining the economic and societal benefits that accompany a growing nation. With a great panel of national and international expert speakers and a huge range of exciting new advancements on display, if you haven’t already thought about attending, we’d recommend it highly.




If you are heading to AMSA, make sure you say hello! Imbros representatives Bryan ( and Simon ( will be there to show off some of the latest new equipment from our global supplier network, have a chat, and offer any advice you need for your next marine science project. We’d love to see you there.

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Agilent Electronic Crimper Product Launch


Are you crimping or decapping manually?


We have great news for our friends and customers in high-throughput chromatography labs: Agilent Technologies are launching a new line of electronic crimpers to streamline your operations.


A suite of improvements to the existing handheld electronic crimpers and decappers make the new A-Line range more user friendly, intuitive and longer lasting – a perfect addition to your chromatography set up.


More vials crimped per battery charge.
Increased crimping speed when compared to previous models.


Less hand strain.
Lighter weight means less effort.


New OLED screen.
A far easier viewing interface – The display has been moved to the top of the device for easier viewing and operation for both left- and right-handed users.


Improved software.
New, multiple language readout capabilities and better crimping performance data.


Improved power signal.
Clearly see when the battery needs to be charged. Plus, more efficient charging with no overheating.


Extended productivity.
A new, brushless motor extends the life of the device significantly, while also reducing battery charging intervals.


Works with existing model 5 accessories.
Increased flexibility with legacy accessories.


It’s time to upgrade. These handheld electronic crimpers deliver tight, reproducible seals on every sample vial – regardless of cap material (works great with both steel and aluminium caps). The slim, adjustable jaws fit around closely spaced vials, which enables you to crimp vials directly in autosampler trays without the need to clutter your workspace or lose the order of your samples.


If you recycle or reuse vials, the device can also remove caps just as easily as it can put them on.




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