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Antibiotics and Cell Biology Consumables

Catalogue NumberProductWasNow
0219453005Gentamycin sulfate, phytopure™ 5 gm660.35561.30
091672346Amphotericin-B (250 µg/mL) 20 mL69.258.82
091672348Amphotericin-B (250 µg/mL) 50 mL148.6126.31
091670049Pen-strep (10000 IU/mL, 10 mg/mL), 100 mL42.736.39
092810305Phosphate Buffered Saline (PBS), tablets (100 tabs)195165.75
092810306Phosphate Buffered Saline (PBS), tablets (200 tabs)231.65196.90
092810307Phosphate Buffered Saline (PBS), tablets (500 tabs)410.25348.71
091010122Minimum Essential Medium Eagle (modified), with Earle's Salts and L-glutamine, w/o sodium bicarbonate (makes up to 10L)33.2528.26
091670249Pen-strep (10000 IU/mL, 10 mg/mL) 100mL122.6104.21
091688449HEPES buffer, 1 M, 100 mL65.3555.55
091003122Basal Medium Eagle (modified) with Hank's Salts (HBME) with L-glutamine w/o sodium carbonate, 10 L8370.55
091012122Minimum Essential Medium Eagle (modified) with Earle's Salts, L-glutamine, non-essential amino acids, w/o sodium bicarbonate, 10 L170.75145.14
091023122Medium 199 with Hanks' Salts (H199), powder, with L-glutamine w/o sodium bicarbonate, makes up to 10L166.15141.23
091033122Dulbecco's Modified Eagle's Medium (DMEM), powder, with 4500 mg/L dextrose, L-glutamine, w/o sodium bicarbonate, makes up to 10L50.7543.14
091060122RPMI 1640, with L-glutamine, w/o sodium bicarbonate, makes up to 10L60.551.43
091233454Dulbecco's Modified Eagle's Medium (DMEM) (1X) with 20 mM HEPES, w/o L-glutamine or sodium bicarbonate, 500 mL77.465.79
091440049Ham's F-10 (10X) w/o L-glutamine, w/o sodium bicarbonate, with 12.4 mg/L phenol red, 100 mL64.2554.61
091681049100X NEAA FOR MEM, 100 mL27.223.12
91710122Hanks' Balanced Salts, powder, w/o sodium bicarbonate, makes up to 10L55.847.43
91960454Dulbecco's Phosphate Buffered Saline (10X), w/o calcium and magnesium, 500 mL30.1525.63
91760420Phosphate Buffered Saline (PBS), Dulbecco's57.448.79
091000449Accutase, 100 mL80.168.09
093050044Mycoplasma removal agent (MRA), 5 mL522.85444.42
0850494XLSM™ lymphocyte separation medium, 100 mL112.0595.24
0850494LSM™ lymphocyte separation medium, 5x 100 mL437.35371.75
0210151480Dextran, clinical grade, 100 g231.6196.86

Molecular Biology Consumables, Reagents and Enzymes

Catalogue NumberProductWasNow
0215950190PCR Tubes, 0.25 mL, rainbow, pack of 500177.35150.75
097640105Plate sealer, acetate, non-sterile, pack of 100/pack73.962.82
0976401C2Plate sealer, acetate, non-sterile, pack of 1000/box504.85429.12
097640205Plate sealer, mylar, non-sterile (1 pack)98.4583.68
07DP1030Precision Tissue Wipes, box of 28017.214.62
096041505Multitest slide, 15-well (100/Box)184.6156.91
0219398390Agarose, molecular biology reagent (500 g)1157.6983.96
11QD0500DNA-Off DNA Removal Agent109.9593.46
04821682RNase Erase® Decontamination Solution, Spray Bottle94.2580.11
04821683RNase Erase® Decontamination Solution, Dropper Bottle187.15159.08
04821684RNase Erase® Decontamination Solution, Refill Bottle180.35153.30
11TAE50X01TAE 50X BUFFER118.11100.39
11695000050 mL Conical Tubes75.8564.47
0961226C2Polypropylene Tubes, 1.2 mL, non-sterile, bag of 1000197.45167.83
111007201DEPC-treated Water145.1123.34
04821932Water, DNase, RNase-FREE, 500 mL86.573.53
092780148Cryopres™ dimethyl sulfoxide (>99.9% USP DMSO for cryopreservation), 50mL206.25175.31
0219381490Chloroform 500mL8975.65
08320921Zymolyase, 20T from Arthrobacter luteus, 1 g920.2782.17
0210044780α-Amylase from Bacillus subtilis, ~165,000 BAU/g, 100g179.65152.70
0210026290Agar 500g250.75213.14
0210026291Agar 1 Kg424.8361.08
0296031780Gelatin, 100g93.579.46
0290297805Sucrose 5Lb93.579.48

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